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About Us

What is Rasa Indonesia ?

"Rasa" in Sanskrit which can be interpreted as the emotions that arise from the art that is presented. Rasa is also interpreted literally in various parts of the world as essence, taste, aesthetic flavor which is not easy to describe. Taste of Indonesia is present as a presentation of the richness and diversity of Indonesian cuisine in the global order. This program is to provide certificates and badges to restaurants and retail stores that serve Indonesian food, beverages and food products as an effort to promote Indonesian food products throughout the world.

Benefits Join Our Community
  • As a channel to be able to promote the location of restaurants and shops for Indonesian food products that have used the recognition of the RasaIndonesia logo.
  • Registered in the data center as a restaurant and shop for Indonesian food products.


Here are videos of activities and introductions to Indonesian flavors that you can play in the videos below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are knowledge or frequently asked questions about Rasa Indonesia.

After the application is received, approval and logo will be given after the verification team will conduct a review.

There is no fee for the registration and approval process to join the RasaIndonesia program.

With the increasing number of typical Indonesian restaurants abroad, it has become an important place in introducing culinary culture and special foods as well as authentic Indonesian food and beverage products. For this reason, the Rasa Indonesia database is present as an important source to support Indonesian restaurants and shops abroad. These restaurants and shops can voluntarily register their restaurants and/or shops in Rasa Indonesia.

Defined as a result of agriculture, plantations, fisheries and the products produced by these processes or produced in Indonesia.

  1. Is a restaurant that can accept dining visits in at least 2 seats and/or taken out
  2. Always serve typical food/beverage menus and or Indonesian food and beverage products at least 50% of the total menu content;
  3. Can display the use of original Food Products from Indonesia used in the menu with photo evidence;
    • example: the use of original soy sauce from Indonesia in a typical Indonesian menu cooked at the restaurant in question.
  4. Participate in promoting the characteristics and attractiveness of Indonesian food/beverage menus.
  1. Is a place of RETAIL that can receive visits to buy products, both food and other necessities, offline in a place of at least 2 m2 in size.
  2. If the RETAIL location becomes one with the RESTAURANT location, then it is enough to be categorized as a RESTAURANT.
  3. Always serve original Indonesian products, both food, beverages and other consumption products, at least 50% of the total sales stock;
  4. Can display the use of original products from Indonesia that are traded in photo evidence;
    • example: original soy sauce from Indonesia which is displayed in the sales window.
  5. Participate in promoting the characteristics and attractiveness of original Indonesian products.

  1. Registration applications that have met the requirements mentioned above and filled in the registration will be checked by the verifier team of the Directorate General of Export Product Development, Ministry of Trade.
  2. The RASA INDONESIA stamp will be given to the registrant with the terms and conditions applied by the Ministry of Trade.

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